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Have you ever thought about seeing your enemies, items and animals from miles away to gain advantages ?
And still be able to eliminate your enemies with the best aimbot on the market?
If not, get alliance dayz now to dominate the server you play on!

See your enemies behind the wall and eliminate them using aimbot

See items dropped on the ground to easily gain advantage

Use the silent aimbot to pass through walls and not miss a shot
Turn night into day and gain the upper hand over your enemies

Mira Assistance:

  • Enable Aimbot : Activates the Aimbot functionality, which automatically aims at enemies.

  • Aimbot Type : Chooses the Aimbot's operating mode.

  • Visible check : Ensures that the Aimbot will only target enemies visible on the screen.

  • Ignore Zombies : Prevents the Aimbot from aiming at zombies.

  • Ignore Knocked : Prevents Aimbot from aiming at already knocked out players.

  • Increase low range fov : Expands the field of view for nearby targets.

  • Fov size : Sets the size of the field of view for the Aimbot.

  • Smoothing : Controls the fluidity of Aimbot's movements.

  • Limit distance : Establishes a maximum distance for the Aimbot.

  • Low range fov dist : Sets the distance for the field of view on nearby targets.

  • Aimbot bone : Chooses the part of the body to aim automatically.

  • Use double bind for aimbot : Allows the use of two keys to activate the Aimbot.

  • Aimbot bind [1] : Configures the shortcut key for Aimbot.

  • Aimbot bind [2] : Configures the second hotkey for Aimbot.


  • Enable visuals : Activates visual functions.

  • Show fov circle : Displays a circle indicating the viewing area.

  • Show crosshair : Displays an aiming point in the center of the screen.

  • Show box : Displays a box around enemies.

  • Show lines : Displays lines connecting different parts of the body.

  • Show names : Displays player names.

  • Show distances : Displays distances to players.

  • Humans : Player-specific settings.

  • Show zombies : Displays information about zombies.

  • Show animals : Displays information about animals.

  • Show clothing : Displays information about the players' clothing.

  • Show weapons : Displays information about players' weapons.

  • Show ammo : Displays information about players' ammo.

  • Show foods : Displays information about foods.

  • Show cures : Displays information about healing items.

  • Show tools : Displays information about tools.

  • Show others : Displays additional information.

  • Choose the color for each function : Allows you to customize the colors for each visual function.

  • Others model name : Displays information about other models.

Visual Settings:

  • Circle thickness : Defines the thickness of the field of view circle.

  • Crosshair thickness : Defines the crosshair thickness.

  • Box filling : Activates box filling around enemies.

  • Select your box type : Choose the box style.

  • Box thickness : Defines the thickness of the box.

  • Show health : Displays the players' health bar.

  • Show armor : Displays players' armor bar.

  • Select your line type : Choose the style of the lines.

  • Line thickness : Defines the thickness of the lines.

  • Show skeleton head : Displays the head on the players' skeleton.

  • Skeleton thickness : Defines the thickness of the skeleton lines.

  • Show name bots : Displays the names of the bots.

  • Show knocked : Displays information about knocked out players.

  • AntiStream : Implements measures against fraudulent transmissions.

  • Render distance : Sets the maximum distance for rendering visual elements.

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