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Have you ever thought about using aimbot, esp and other functions in the best cities and not being discovered?
If not, purchase the alliance now and gain absurd advantages by playing!

Have the best aim among your enemies , and see them through walls to gain advantages
Recover life, resurrect and collect in the best cities in fivem without leaving logs , see for yourself!
See the full video using alliance and its functions

Alliance has the best esp on the market being external

Use aimbot to:
Kill your enemies more easily, thus having total advantage against them.

Use esp/wall to:
Have a view of where you are playing, thus having advantages to rob, avoid being robbed and much more.

Use miscs to:
Recover life, resurrect, recover vest and much more in any city you want.


It is super compatible with Windows 10 and 11, Intel and AMD processors and others

Aim assists:

• Target's: Indicates the targets that will be affected by the next actions.
Dynamic purview: The field of vision that automatically adjusts according to the player's movement.
• Purview size: Determines the extent of the player's field of vision.
• Smooth: Controls how smooth the movements will be when aiming at targets.
• Current hitbox: Shows the player's current hitbox.
• Ignore npc: Setting to ignore npc characters.
Ignore player: Setting to ignore other players.
• Distance: Indicates the distance between the player and the target.
• Use double binds: Enables the use of double keys for certain actions.

Visual aids:

• Show Purview: Displays the player's field of vision.
• Show Crosshair: Shows the crosshair on the screen.
• Show box: Displays a box around targets.
• Show ID: Shows the identification of the targets.
• Show lines: Displays lines connecting the player to targets.
• Show distance: Shows the distance between the player and the targets.
• Show weapons: Displays the targets' weapons.
• Show lives: Shows the number of targets' lives.
• Render distance: Defines the distance at which objects are rendered in the game.

Other functions:

• Legit healing: Applies healing legitimately in the game.
• Legit armor: Adds armor legitimately to the game.
• Player speed: Controls the player's movement speed.
• Swim speed: Controls the player's swimming speed.
• Damage ammo: Ammunition that causes extra damage to targets.
• Infinite stamina: Allows the player to have infinite stamina.
• No recoil: Eliminates the recoil of weapons when shooting.
• No spread: Removes the spread of weapon shots.
• No reload: Allows weapons to not need to be reloaded.
Infinite ammo: Grants the player infinite ammo.
• Fill ammo: Fills the ammunition for the player's weapons.
• Auto dead: Causes targets to die automatically.
• Boost cars: Increases the speed of cars.
• Repair car: Repairs the player's car.
• Add PlayerList: Adds players to the game-specific list.


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