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We present to your attention SHACK is one of the closed private cheats for ARK with minimal chance of detection. Spoofer included in the cheat.

Windows 10 & 11
AMD & Intel



  • Name : Displays the player's name.
  • Tribe : Shows information about the player's tribe.
  • Level : Indicates the player's level.
  • Health : Displays the player's health.
  • Vis Check : Checks if the player is visible.
  • Font Size slider (customizable) : Allows you to customize the font size.

Dino esp (Dinosaur ESP)

  • Name : Displays the name of the dinosaur.
  • Level (Filter included) (1-1000) : Shows the level of the dinosaur with the filter option.
  • Health : Indicates the dinosaur's health.
  • Gender : Shows the gender of the dinosaur.

Misc (Miscellaneous)

  • Draw Crosshair : Draws a crosshair on the screen.
  • Draw FOV : Displays the field of view.
  • Hotkeys : Allows you to configure hotkeys.
  • FPS : Shows the number of frames per second (FPS).

Aimbot (Aimbot)

  • Player and DINO aimbot : Activates the aimbot to aim at players and dinosaurs.
  • Toggle key customization : Allows you to customize the toggle key.
  • FOV (Field of View) (customizable) : Configures the field of view (FOV).
  • Smooth option : Controls the smoothness of the aimbot.
  • Ability to change font colors : Allows you to change font colors.
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