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Have you ever thought about winning all your games with the most appealing script on the market?
If not, get BGX now and be praised in all your games!
Eliminate All Your Enemies And Don't Even Let Them Touch You !

It stands out for having Apelões Combos, it has been safe for over 1 year

Watch A More Detailed Video Massaging And Tilting Enemies
Attack and defense:
Thanks to bgx you will be able to:
Fight and fight with ease, you'll always carry your team
Farm with ease, you won't lose a single minion!
Automatically dodge enemy abilities

Item Activator:
Offensive items

Defensive Items


Champions = Knowing the timing of skills and where the enemy is.
Clones = You will know which is the real champion, e.g. Shaco, Wukong, etc.
Hidden objects = Ward, pink, enemy skills, e.g. Shaco's surprise box, Jhin's traps, etc.
Jungle Time = Dragon, jungle monsters, Baron, etc.

Global notification :
Show used and active ultimates
Show used Speels

Show after use

Gank Warning

Enemy Recall Notice
Information on where the enemy is recalling

ULT base:
Killing enemies at the base = Ex: Jinx, Ez, Ashe, Senna, champions with global ultimate can kill enemies when they go to the base with little health. (configurable).

Automatically upgrade skills (You configure the order of skills to be upgraded).

Auto Ward:
Auto ward enemy in the bush = Ex: enemy entered the bush while they are fighting, the script will automatically ward the bush so you don't lose vision and attacks.
Auto Oracles Lens = When you pass a ward it will be revealed.
Drawings showing where there is ward/pink.

BGX are internal League of Legends cheats and hacks designed to make the game easier at every level. Thanks to many years of experience, we have created a new product that combines speed and reliability. BGX will let you get to know the game again. All subscriptions contain all of our features, including our new Target Selector, Semi-Auto Skill Cast, QSS/Auto Clear, Last Hit, Flawless Kite/Orbwalking, Auto Smite, and many more or less extensive features. Our scripts give you all the necessary tips, improve the game mechanics and make you more alert to dangerous situations!

After your purchase, you will have the best possible support from our employees.
We focus on low prices and safety, don't you believe we have the best prices? Just compare with competitors.
Your improvement in games will be incredible, you will be surprised by your gameplay.
You will be able to play without any FPS losses, as our products are of great quality.