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Supported processors: Intel, AMD
Note: There may be performance issues on AMD FX processors.. …
Supported windows: 10-11 x64


  • Only visible : Shows only visible players.
  • Friends : Displays information about friends in the game.
  • Name : Shows the names of the players.
  • Line : Draws a line indicating the players' direction.
  • Health : Indicates the players' health.
  • Box 2D : Creates a two-dimensional box around the players.
  • Distance : Shows the distance between the player and other elements.
  • Skeleton : Displays the players' skeleton.
  • Size line skeleton : Controls the size of the skeleton line.
  • Skeleton draw distance : Sets the distance to display the skeleton.
  • Additional distance : Configures an additional distance.
  • Draw distance : Defines the distance for drawing elements.


  • Enable radar : Turns on the radar.
  • Backlight distance : Controls the distance for highlighting elements.
  • Size : Defines the size of the radar.
  • Position by X : Defines the position on the X axis.
  • Position by Y : Sets the position on the Y axis.


  • Enable aimbot : Enables the aimbot.
  • Recoil compensation : Compensates for weapon recoil.
  • Aim at bots : Defines whether the aimbot should aim at bots.
  • Aim at knocked players : Configures whether the aimbot should aim at knocked down players.
  • Visibility check : Checks visibility before firing.
  • Aim priority : Sets the aiming priority.
  • Distance : Controls the distance to aim at targets.
  • Crosshair : Displays a crosshair.
  • Smooth : Controls the smoothness of the crosshair.
  • Smoothness when blocking : Sets the smoothness of aiming when blocked.
  • Acceleration : Controls aiming speed.
  • Draw fov circle : Draws a field of view circle.
  • Fov (Field of View) : Defines the field of view.
  • Distance : Sets the distance to aim at targets.
  • Draw aim area : Displays an aiming area.
  • Aim area radius: Sets the radius of the aiming area .
  • Bones selection : Choose bones to target.
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Left elbow
  • Right elbow
  • Body
  • Pelvis (Pelvis)
  • Left knee
  • Right knee
  • Bone change time : Sets the bone change time.
  • Key selection : Choose the key to activate the aimbot.


  • Weapons : Shows information about weapons.
  • Armor plate / Armor heavy : Displays information about armor plates and heavy armor.
  • Ammo : Indicates the location of ammunition.
  • Tactical gear : Shows information about tactical gear.
  • Combat gear : Displays information about combat gear.
  • Money : Indicates the location of money.
  • Survival kit : Shows information about survival kits, such as defibrillators and gas masks.
  • Containers : Indicates the location of backpacks, bags and boxes.
  • Kill streak : Displays information about kill streaks.
  • Field modification : Shows information about field modifications.
  • Keys & keycards : Indicates the location of keys and keycards.

Draw distance


  • Friends color
  • Enemy bots color
  • Enemy players color
  • Knocked enemies color
  • Enemy visible color
  • Target color
  • Weapons color
  • Armor plate / Armor heavy color
  • Ammo color
  • Tactical gear color
  • Combat gear color
  • Money color
  • Survival kit color
  • Containers color
  • Kill streak color
  • Field modification color
  • Keys & keycards color


  • Key to disable loot
  • Open menu key

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