Alliance CS2 Aimbot + Wall

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It is compatible with Windows 10 and 11

Use aimbot to:
Have the best aim among your enemies, use this to your advantage and be praised by everyone

Use Wall/ESP to:
See your enemies behind the wall to gain an advantage


Aim Assist:

Aimbot - A mechanism that helps you automatically aim at enemies.

FOV - Field of view; the area where the Aimbot is activated.

Smooth - Adjusts the smoothness of the auto-aim movement.

Key - Shortcut key to activate/deactivate Aim Assist.

Triggerbot - Automatically fires when aiming at an enemy.

Delay - Delay time before the Triggerbot fires.

Aim Bone - Part of the body on which automatic aim is directed.

Head - Enemy's head as a target for automatic aiming.

Neck - Enemy's neck as target for auto-aim.

Spine - Enemy's spinal column as a target for automatic aiming.

Visual (Wall/ESP):

Box - Box that highlights the enemy's position on the screen.

Bone - Lines that show the enemy's bone structure.

Eye - Highlights the enemy's eyes for easy identification.

Name - Displays the enemy's name above their position.

Health - Shows the enemy's current health or life.

Weapon - Indicates the weapon the enemy is using.

Lines - Lines that connect important parts of the enemy's body.

Armor - Indicates the amount of armor on the enemy.

Defuse - Shows if the enemy is defusing a bomb (in games that involve this).

Money - Indicates the amount of money the enemy has (in games that involve this).


Free For All - All against all; game mode where each player competes individually against everyone else.

Visible Only - Shows only enemies that are visible in the field of view.

Bunnyhop - Movement technique that involves jumping repeatedly to move faster.

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