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We present to your attention SHACK is one of the private cheats for DAYZ with minimal chance of detection. Spoofer included in the cheat.

System requirements:

  • AMD & Intel

  • Windows 10 & 11


  • Names : Displays the names of players in the game.
  • Distance : Shows the distance between the player and other objects or players.
  • 2D Boxes : Creates a two-dimensional bounding box around players or objects.
  • Line : Draws a line to indicate the player's direction.
  • Skeleton : Shows the player's skeleton, highlighting the main points of the body.
  • Holding object : Indicates when a player is holding an object.
  • Maximum distance : Sets the maximum distance for these elements to be displayed.


  • Zombies : Shows information related to zombies in the game.
  • 2D box zombies : Creates two-dimensional bounding boxes around zombies.
  • Skeleton Zombies : Displays the zombie skeleton.
  • Animals : Displays information about animals in the game.
  • Cars : Shows information about vehicles in the game.
  • Food : Indicates the location of food in the game.
  • Clothes : Displays the location of clothes in the game.
  • Life kits : Shows the location of first aid kits.
  • Containers : Indicates the location of containers in the game.
  • Backpacks : Displays the location of backpacks in the game.
  • Stash's : Indicates the location of stashes in the game.
  • Player builds : Shows builds made by players.
  • Weapons : Displays information about weapons in the game.
  • Suppressors : Indicates the location of weapon dampers.
  • Sights : Shows information about weapon sights.
  • Magazines : Displays the location of magazines for weapons.
  • Grenades : Indicates the location of grenades.
  • Zombies maximum distance : Sets the maximum distance for displaying information about zombies.
  • Food maximum distance : Sets the maximum distance for displaying food information.
  • Containers maximum distance : Sets the maximum distance for displaying information about containers.
  • Player Buildings Maximum Distance : Sets the maximum distance for displaying player buildings.
  • Mod and game items (green) : Indicates special items in the game.


  • Crosshair : Displays a crosshair in the center of the screen.
  • Hotkeys : Allows you to configure hotkeys for specific functions.
  • FPS (Frames Per Second) : Displays the number of frames per second of the game.
  • ESP font size : Allows you to adjust the font size for ESP elements.
  • Bold font option : Allows you to enable or disable the bold font.
  • Speed ​​modifier : Controls the player's speed.
  • Unlocking all DLC : Allows you to unlock all downloadable content.


  • FOV (Field of View) : Sets the field of view for auto-aim.
  • FOV Size : Controls the size of the field of view for auto-aim.
  • Silent Aim : Allows you to automatically aim without other players noticing.
  • Target Player : Sets auto-aim to lock onto players.
  • Target Zombie : Sets auto-aim to lock on to zombies.
  • Aimbot Key : Sets the key to activate auto-aim.
  • Aimbot Bone : Chooses the part of the body to automatically aim.
  • Maximum Distance : Sets the maximum distance for auto-aim.


  • Support for all screen models : Supports different screen models such as full screen, windowed full screen, and windowed.
  • Support changing game resolution without having to restart the game : Allows you to change the game resolution without having to restart.
  • Support for Streaming : Ensures that ESP information does not appear on the screen during live broadcasts.
  • Hwid spoof included on loader : Provides protection against unique hardware identification.
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