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Have you ever thought about winning all your games with the safest script on the market?
If not, get the hakuna now and be praised in all your games!
Gameplay Recorded in Grand Master, Account Remains Intact!
Get Out of Impossible Situations With Style, and Tilt Your Enemies

It stands out for being very safe, it has been safe for over 3 years

Attack and defense:
Thanks to hakuna premium you will be able to:
Fight and fight with ease, you will become the "faker" mechanically.
Farm with ease, you won't lose a single minion!
Automatically dodge enemy skills.


have expanded vision, thus gaining an advantage against your enemies

play with any skin in the game with our completely undetectable mod skin

EVADE (Dodge)
Activate/deactivate Evade
Activate/deactivate skill bypass
Configure activation key
Dodge only dangerous or lethal spells
Dodge enemy spells cast from blind areas
Dodge circular enemy spells

Select prediction type (standard, SPrediction, TPlus)
Hit accuracy analysis
Check hit chance with enemy basic attacks
Allocate extra time to check skill hit chance
Modify maximum range, prediction delay and extra distance for collision checking

Target Selector
This function allows you to manually choose attack targets for precise strategies, avoid attacking invulnerable targets, and adjust target prioritization to match your play style.

Disable chat message
Move according to cursor
Do not use automatic attacks during combo, harassment or lane clear
Increase field of view (Zoom hack)
Change champion skins

Disable all drawings
Track sentries and traps
Track enemy champions
Track enemy movement
Track tower range
Track jungle camp respawn times
Track hero clones

Enable/disable activator
Auto place sentries
Auto use Heal
Auto use potions/biscuits
Auto use Barrier, Solari, Zhonya's, Redemption, Ignite, Exhaustion, among others
Auto use healing items

Delay Settings
Delays for basic attacks, movement and abilities

Select Language
Customize menu colors

Base Ult
Killing enemies at the base = Ex: Jinx, Ez, Ashe, Senna, champions with global ultimate can kill enemies when they go to the base with little health. (configurable).

Auto Smite
Enable auto smite
Set key to auto smite
Auto smite for kills or robberies
Incorporate auto smite into skill rotation

Anti Afk:
Avoid being disconnected due to inactivity by staying active throughout the match.

This script for League of Legends has a number of advanced features that make it an ideal choice for players of all levels. If you are looking to improve your performance and have a competitive advantage, try this script and be surprised by all the possibilities.

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