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We present to your attention SHACK is one of the private cheats created for PUBG with minimal chance of detection. Spoofer included in the cheat.

Compatible Processors : Intel and AMD are supported, providing broad compatibility with CPUs.

Compatible Operating Systems : Windows 10 and Windows 11 are supported.



  • Names : Displays player names.
  • Health : Shows players' health.
  • Distance : Indicates the distance to the objects.
  • Line distance : Displays the straight line distance.
  • Boxes : Displays boxes around players.
  • Skeleton : Shows the players' skeleton.
  • Kills : Displays the number of kills.
  • Spectors : Shows spectators.
  • Visible check : Checks if players are visible.
  • Show team : Displays the players' team.

Player Filter :

  • Maximum Distance : Sets the maximum distance.
  • Colors of each ESP : Customizes the colors for each function.
  • Font Color : Sets the font color.
  • Esp font size : Sets the font size.

Items :

  • Item Name : Displays the name of the items.
  • Distance from the item : Indicates the distance to the item.

Item Filter :

  • Item Class : Sorts items into categories such as weapons, attachments, bullets, armor, health, grenades, loot, airdrop and others.
  • Maximum item distance : Sets the maximum distance for items.
  • Font Color : Sets the font color.
  • Esp font size : Sets the font size.
  • Color filter based on category : Filters by item category.

Misc :

  • Radar : Activates the radar.
  • Spectators : Shows spectators.
  • Hotkeys : Define hotkeys.
  • Disable Screenshot Protection : Disables screen capture protection.
  • Anticheat Check : Checks compatibility with anticheat systems.
  • Vehicles : Displays vehicles.
  • AirDrop : Shows airdrops.
  • Player DeathLoot : Displays loot upon player death.
  • FPS : Displays the frame rate per second.
  • Crosshair : Displays a crosshair.

aimbot :

  • Prediction : Activates aiming prediction.
  • No Sway : Removes sway from the crosshair.
  • No recoil : Eliminates the weapon's recoil.
  • Visible Check : Checks if the target is visible.
  • Aim Target (Head, Neck & Chest) : Chooses targets on the head, neck or chest.
  • FOV (1-300) : Sets the field of view.
  • Distance Aim (10-1000m) : Sets the aiming distance.
  • Smooth (1-100) : Adjusts the smoothness of the aim.
  • Aimbot filter : Filters targets.
  • Aimbot Bone : Chooses the aiming bone.
  • Aimbot Key : Sets the activation key.

Anti-Cheat Support :

  • BattleEye : Compatibility with the BattleEye anti-cheat system.
  • Xenuine : Compatibility with the Xenuine anti-cheat system.
  • XignCode : Compatibility with the XignCode anti-cheat system.
  • ScreenShot Function : Screen capture function.
  • Stream Proof : Security proof for transmissions.
  • Spoof included : For you to unban the game, if necessary.
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