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We present to your attention SHACK is one of the closed private cheats for Rainbow Six with minimal chance of detection. Spoofer included in the cheat.

Windows 10 & 11 AMD & Intel



  • Name ESP : Displays the name of objects or players.
  • Cav ESP – New : Shows cavity information (probably related to objects or players).
  • ESP Life Bar (ESP Life Bar) : Indicates the life bar of objects or players.
  • Distance ESP : Shows the distance between the player and objects or players.
  • 2D Box ESP : Displays a two-dimensional bounding box around objects or players.
  • Line ESP : Draws a line to indicate objects or players.
  • Glow – New : Adds a glow effect to objects or players.

Aimbot (Aimbot)

  • No Recoil : Eliminates the weapon's recoil.
  • No Spread : Prevents shots from spreading.
  • AIMBOT (AIMBOT) : Activates the aimbot.
  • Head, neck... : Choose specific areas to target, such as the head or neck.
  • Distance FOV : Sets the field of view (FOV) based on distance.
  • Visual FOV : Defines the visual field of view.
  • Visual bone : Choose specific bones to target.
  • Sens : Adjusts the sensitivity of the aimbot.


  • Support Stream, not show esp : Supports streaming and does not display ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) information.


  • Battleye : Handles Battleye's anti-cheat protection.
  • FairFight : Handles FairFight's anti-cheat protection.

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