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This is an intermediate script for League of Legends and is the most cost-effective, it has been safe for 9 months straight. It supports all league of legends champions.

Orbwalk (lasthit, kiting, lane clear, harass): Enhance your gameplay with advanced character movement functions, including techniques for getting the last hit on minions, avoiding enemy attacks, and clearing minion lanes.

Target selector:
Choose your targets precisely and strategically, ensuring you're always targeting the right enemies during battles.

Hit Accuracy (Hitchance):
Adjust the accuracy of your skills to increase your chances of hitting enemy targets.

5 Types of Predictions:
Improve your ability to predict enemy movements, making your attacks more effective.

Champs combo:
Improve your fighting and fighting skills, and become the best in every match.

Activator (zhonia, ignite, cleanses, hextech, everfrost, galeforce, barrier...):
Automate the activation of essential items and abilities, such as using Zhonya's to avoid damage or Ignite to deal additional damage to enemies.

Stay informed about important game events and situations, increasing your awareness and making smarter decisions.

Zoom In (Zoom hack):
Get a broader view of the battlefield, making it easier to track enemy movements.

Skin Change (Skin hack):
Customize your champion's appearance with exclusive skins, adding a unique touch to your play style.

View important information, such as skill range, danger areas and other elements, making it easier to plan strategies.

Delay Settings:
Adjust the response time of your actions to better adapt to your playing style and improve performance.

Dodge (Evade):
Improve your ability to avoid enemy abilities, becoming more evasive and difficult to hit.

Anti Afk:
Avoid being disconnected due to inactivity by staying active throughout the match.


Autosave: Keep your settings and preferences automatically saved for easy future access.

Colors: Customize the visual appearance of your game, adapting it to your personal tastes.

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